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In 1982 a group of Dallas miniaturists felt they needed an identity separate from other miniature groups in the form of an organization both responsive and responsible to its membership. In other words, run and controlled by its members. They took the name "The Society of American Miniaturists" and established a non-profit, incorporated, tax-exempt organization dedicated to educating the public to the art, craft and hobby of creating scale miniatures. They adopted the logo of the world between a thumb and index finger to symbolize that with little treasures one can hold and enjoy the world in one's hand. A year later SAM, with his spats, top hat and cane, assumed his role in the group.

The first annual conference was held at the Summit Hotel in Dallas. It was later moved to Salado and then to Temple, TX and continues to be held the second weekend of September. Responding to members' wishes as expressed in a questionnaire survey, the Birthday Party, a one-day workshop event, was introduced and continues to be an annual spring event.

Miniaturists love to meet, talk and work with other miniaturists. Thus our strength and bond has developed through the annual fall conference workshops and the spring Birthday Parties that rotate locations around the state each year.

In some ways the society has changed as it has evolved over the years. It has grown from the original 50 members to nearly 200 while shrinking its initially appointed executive board from 15 members to the 7 who are now elected. Dues began at $10 and in the succeeding years have only increased by 50%, a tribute to a succession of dedicated executive boards.

In other ways the society remains the same. We still have some of our founding members and, while the majority resides in Texas, we also have members from several other states. Most importantly it remains a group that shares its knowledge and enthusiasm and in so doing continues to support the organization's activities through unparalleled individual efforts.

Now that you know where we've come from, do your share to keep us going. Volunteer your talent, ideas and energy wherever and whenever you can because that is what we are, a mutually supporting volunteer group!

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